I worked in Academia for for about 30 years, from mid-60’s till mid-90’s, as a student in FizTech, then researcher in Landau Institute, then head of Lab in Space Research Institute, then as Physics&Math Professor in Princeton University.

I have always attacked the hardest problems, and on several occasions I have solved them. I never elaborated on my success, but rather jumped to the next unsolved problem. This, together with my reclusive behavior did not add much to make me popular. In the retrospect, looking from the height of my age on my academic career I am truly amazed how I managed to never get any credit for my work. At some point in the 90’s I decided that I did all I could to satisfy my curiosity in science but not nearly enough to satisfy my curiosity in real life.  So, I opened an Internet start-up and jumped into turbulent waters of Internet Business. It was a sheer luck that I survived.

Through my academic career I mostly generated ideas, but in my industrial career I had to develop and implement my ideas into working products and technologies. These technologies made it to Windows 98, AOL7, Minolta 3D camera, Lockheed-Martin RealScan3D and other products. I founded a public company and have served as Vice Chairman and Chief Scientist of this Company (VWPT) until March 2000, when I left it to work on stock trading system. I am still doing this every day, with intermittent success, but unwavering enthusiasm.


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